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Anything crafting is on the table! Wood DIY projects will alway be our home base, but that doesn't stop us from venturing into crafts like resin, chunky blankets, mosaics, ceramics, stained glass, paint pours, and more!

One Maker per project. All projects materials include are prepped for one person. Additionally, due to limited amount of seating and fire code, we are unable to admit anyone who has not registered a project.

Please note, some specialty workshops may specifically state registration includes 2 (i.e. cornhole). This information would be listed in the workshop details.

A public workshop is open to anyone to join! You can come just one, just two or even as a group. Registering into our public workshops have no 'party minimums.'
Our evening workshops are geared towards adults and our daytime workshops are always family-friendly (unless stated otherwise in the specific workshop description)

Nope! You can come to a public workshop by yourself, with one friend, two friends or a whole group.

P.S. -- don't be shy to come alone! We have lots of great Makers who come and enjoy the company of others in the studio for some no-strings-attached crafting time. We also have some who like to sit quietly alone and zone out into their craft!

Due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees are non-refundable. 

Read our refund policy here.

No, we have a wide variety of paint colors and stains to choose from.

When you arrive we will show you examples of different color palettes to help you decide which paints and stains will look the best in your home.

Yum, yes you can! We allow light snacks to be brought into the studio during any workshop, except resin. These foods should be grazing, finger foods.. no lasagnas or anything that needs a fork and knife. Food is picked on throughout the workshop, there is no formal eating time.

Alcohol? Yes! But, beer and wine only please... no hard liquor. Beer and Wine is only permitted at over 18 adult workshops. 

If you or the group you are with are consuming beer or wine, we ask that you are responsible and have a designated driver on hand or call a taxi.

With all food & beverage, you MUST bring in any plates, napkins, cups, silverware, etc. We do not have any of this in the studio for use or for purchase.

Please note: for special events like showers and corporate events, this above rules may vary.

The length of each workshop depends on the type of workshop scheduled. The typical workshop lasts 2-3 hours.

Definitely NOT! Our workshops provide guided instruction in a relaxed environment.

Just bring your DIY attitude and a willingness to learn and you will create a project you will be proud of!

If you are coming with a group of friends, please list who you would like to be seated with in the "Seating Request" section of your project information before checkout. If you're with a group, just pick one name for everyone to put in!

Please note, adding a guests name in that box does NOT register them. They must have their own registered project to hold a seat.

Private parties do not need seating requests.

The short answer is yes, all projects are built and designed to order. Seats are also held based on projects. So if you want to come on a certain day, a certain time and make a specific project with your name or personalization on it.. then YES! Please note all workshops have a 'registration by' date.

The long answer is this...

  • We also have the option to reserve your seat for $15 and choose a project when you arrive to the studio. Your project would be chosen from the Walk-In Area which has lots of great things starting at $15, but we cannot guarantee what is there. Stencils (personalized or not) are NOT cut on the spot, so options are only what is there. With that said -- there are LOTS of great options and sometimes things you don't even see online.
  • Some workshops, Resin Pour for example, have you book a seat and then choose the project base when you arrive. This is because we change these out frequently. If the project is formatted this way, it will be listed in the workshop details.

No, but keep reading... Our studio operates on the workshop schedule (see schedule here). Everything is built, designed and prepped to order so in order to provide you with THE BEST experience, we need to pre-plan.

If there is a public workshop with open seats and you would like to join us last minute, sure thing! You can come down and choose from our Walk-In Area.

With that said, we do have scheduled Walk-In Workshops on occasion that are posted on our schedule along with the other public workshops. These DO NOT require reservations, but all projects will be chosen from the Walk-In Area. Custom stencils are not cut on the spot -- but the fun part is, you never know what great new things you will see in this area!

Our daytime workshops are always family friendly! We have kids projects on the website for them to choose from, or you can reserve their seat and let them choose when they arrive! Our workshops are suggested for ages 6+ with parental help. Additionally, we love a great family event so keep an eye on our calendar for our specialty family workshops!

Additionally, we run after-school programs, camps and pop-up workshops! Always keep an eye on our schedule.

Please note, we require ALL guests in the studio to have their own projects regardless of age. You can read more about this in our seating policy.

No way! We are far from a one-size-fits-all studio. Our workshops our separated by type -- wood, resin, ceramics, chunky blankets, etc. BUT, there are always options within each type.
Example: In our Wood Pick Your Project workshop you can make a pallet, your friend can make a clock, your other friend can make a key holder, etc.
Ceramics - you can each choose your piece
Blankets - you each choose your stitch

Retail hours means you can come hang with us, but the workshop area isn’t open for projects. During these hours you can shop, pick up orders, come select items from our Grab @ Go area to make at home, come talk about custom orders, or just come say hi! A lot of people like to use these hours to come look at project ideas for their next workshop. Workshop hours are when we are scheduled open for a specific workshop. These are for pre-registered guests. Dates and time for these workshops vary and can always be found on our workshop schedule.
Fun note: if you see we are open for a workshop outside or current retail hours, you can always swing by if needed for any of those retail needs as well!

Our Pick Your Project is our General Wood Workshop and our most popular workshop! Makers each get to choose their own project from our classic wood or current seasonal wood galleries — that’s over 25 projects and endless designs.
What does that mean?? You can make a pallet, your friend can make a clock, your Mom can make a gnome, your sister can make a keyholder.. the list goes on. Everyone does NOT have to make the same project, but you can all enjoy the same great night.

Our workshops are broken up by type. See the outline below!

General Wood Pick Your Project: Any wood project in our classic or current seasonal galleries.

Ceramics: During the holiday season we run these as specialty workshops where only ceramics are available during that time, also run off pre-registration. For all other times of the year, ceramics can be painted in our Pick Your Project workshop. Simply register a seat reservation for the desired workshop date. You can choose your ceramic when you arrive from the options in the studio.

Resin Pours: These are resin projects that involved any kind of free pour (i.e. cutting boards, trays, cutouts, etc.). This workshop takes extensive setup and staffing so these projects are ONLY available during pouring workshop. Additionally, other projects are not offered during this time.

Seascapes & Woodscapes: These are the Sea Glass projects that can be made on a window or wood sign combo as pictured in the registration pages. Again, these workshops have extensive setup and require certain materials that are no always out. These projects can ONLY be made in Seascape and Woodscape workshops. Yes – sometimes we do piggy back these with the Resin Pours so there may be a time where a Seascape and a Pour can be done at the same time, but you will se both workshops listed.

Walk-In Wednesday: These is a casual, rolling start workshop. No need to make plans ahead of time, just walk right in during the advertised set hours and choose a project from our pre-cut selection. These projects include, but not limited to, wood signs, 3D signs, tabletop decor projects, ceramics, seasonal items. Resin is not available during Walk-in hours.

Specialty Workshops: These are workshops dedicated to a specialty project that is ONLY offered during that workshop. This can be something like our big builds (cornhole, beverage coolers, sleigh benches, etc.) or a partnership with an outside vendor. Only the projects listed for that workshop will be available.

In Summary, we would love for everyone to be able to come in any time they want and make anything they want… but reality is that would be a disaster and not a fun experience for anyone. Our projects are carefully curated with specific supplies, proper staff training and timelines to keep everything moving smoothly. This is also why advance registration is required for most projects. We cannot guarantee every build all the time and we especially do not have stencils prepped with everyones name on them ‘just in case.’ Technology is a great asset to help our business, but it still takes manpower and time to properly get it all from idea to finished product.

We are a Pinterest inspired studio! Send that idea over and we can turn it into something :) Quotes can ALWAYS be customized on any of our signs.

We sure do! Baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette’s, client entertaining, team building,
Milestones, corporate outings, field trips, school events, and so much more! Every event is unique in its own right, so we would love to meet with you to chat about your goal, format and budget for the event. This way we can best plan the workshop that’s perfect for you and your group!
Email is at for more info.

Yes we do! We have a few format options — percentage based and flat fee based. We find fundraisers to be the maid successful when we can focus on something unique to that group, not just “another paint night.” Let’s chat to find the right projects, budget and format for your group!
Once that’s all settled, we set everything up on our website and all you need to do is share the registration. Bookings are done right through our website.

Want the whole studio to yourself? Sure thing! We offer private parties with a minimum of 15 guests. You get the studio to yourselves for up to 2.5 hours. Don't have 15 people, but want to block out space for your group?? Book a table reservation during a public workshop.
To get either of these set up, please submit a Party Request form and we'll get you all set!

Please note, some projects may have a higher minimum or are not available for private groups due to cons constraints.

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